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Center For Work Place Instructional Design and Learning

The Center For Work Place Instructional Design and Learning  is a collaborative site where practitioners can look for and find curated resources, ask questions, and locate solutions on Work Place Instructional Design and Learning. From the Youth Apprenticeship Program for the water treatment facility on Mackinac Island, Michigan to many plant, higher education and corporate programs - technical and soft skills I help develop/create; connect with me to discuss your projects/needs. 

The Center and site are monitored by Dave Sanderson, from Applied Technetronics, Ltd. with over 40 years of work place learning experience, inquiries can contact Dave directly at: or 419-348-6180 or

Some of the topics covered are listed below- however we are not limited to them. 

Please feel free to connect with Dave anytime and ask Dave about his new e-Book 

and related Web Based Training course on:

Work Place Instructional Design: Applying Mastery Learning. 

1.       Apprenticeships registered/unregistered
2.       Applying The Apprenticeship Model anywhere
3.       Work Systems and Work Culture
4.       Workplace Instructional Design
5.       Video Production-graphic design
6.       All forms of Distance Learning and related technology
7.       Strategic Communications
8.       State Grants
9.       Technical Training
10.     Soft Skills Training
11.      IT and Technology Systems
12.      Manufacturing Systems
13.      Higher Education
14.      Applying Mastery Learning in Work Place Instructional Design

Last modified: Tuesday, 26 September 2023, 11:13 AM