Lab Manual and Response Sheet for Programming And Troubleshooting Programmable Logic Controllers For ControlLogix 5000, SLC 500 And PLC 5 Controllers by Tom Kissell - Full PDF Download Version- Password Protected.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 Introduction To PLCs                                                                                           

Chapter 2 Going Online With RSLinx And RSLogix                                                             

Chapter 3 Numbering Systems Used In PLCs                                                                         

Chapter 4 Input And Output Instructions With Input and Output Modules And Racks

Chapter 5 PLC 5 Addressing                                                                                                    

Chapter 6 SLC 500 Addressing                                                                 

Chapter 7 ControlLogix 5000 Addressing                                                                             

Chapter 8 Data Types                                                                                                               

Chapter 9 Internal Control Relays Vs. Real Outputs                                                           

Chapter 10 Writing Your First PLC Program                                                                     

Chapter 11 Ladder Logic Program Files and Data Files                                                      

Chapter 12 PLC Timers                                                                                                           

Chapter 13 PLC Counters                                                                                                        

Chapter 14 Comparison Instructions                                                                                    

Chapter 15 Arithmetic and Math Instructions                                                                     

Chapter 16 Move And Logic Instruction                                                                               

Chapter 17 File Instructions                                                                                                 

Chapter 18 Program Control Instructions                                                                             

Chapter 19 Direct And Indirect Addressing                                                                          

Chapter 20 Sequencer Instructions                                                                                          

Chapter 21 Analog And PID Control    


This lab manual is created for the companion textbook with the same name to give students an opportunity to experience a lab exercise for each topic in the textbook. The lab exercises are written to enhance the student understanding of the most important topics that are used to troubleshoot automation that is controlled by PLCs and are also written help students to learn to correctly program PLCs. Students can complete them on a ControlLogix controller, SLC 500 controller or a PLC 5 controller.  Teachers can assign the lab to be completed on any or all three of the types of PLC controllers and can use the optional participant Response Sheet as well.