Troubleshooting Strategies & Methods 4 Hours €“ Video Conferencing Training Description: In this course the basic concepts of troubleshooting are introduced. The course will focus on developing and using documentable systematic methods in identifying and solving problems. Emphasis will be placed on establishing and utilizing a specific mental strategy to use during the €˜problem identification and solving€™ stages of troubleshooting. Objectives: Upon completion of this course the trainee should be able to: 1. Define what is meant by troubleshooting. 2 Describe the systematic approach to troubleshooting as demonstrated in class. 3. Name the 4 different types of energy systems encountered in troubleshooting. 4. Identify the 5 sub-systems within each type of energy system. 5. Describe the function of each of the 5 sub-systems. 6. Identify the components used in each sub-system. 7. Document the steps to be used in identifying a problem. IE: A Checklist 8. Describe how €˜Common Sense & Good Judgment€™ can affect troubleshooting Prerequisite Knowledge and Skills: Prior to attending this class, the trainee should: 1. Have general knowledge of the various systems and equipment in use in their plant. 2. Have general knowledge of the operation of these systems in their plant. Materials and Equipment Required: 1. Worksheet #1 €œSystematic Approach to Troubleshooting€ Who is this course intended for: Mechanics, Maintenance Techs, Technicians, This is the basic course from which the advanced troubleshooting modules/courses are based upon.