Workplace Transmission Systems Overview Course Description: An introductory study of power transmission systems used in factory and automation systems . The introduction will cover clutches and brakes and each of these systems€™ components. Emphasis will be on how to use the five senses to recognize proper and improper operation of these systems. Objectives: Upon completion of this course the trainee should be able to: 1. Identify each of the types of systems and their components. 2. Explain the function of these systems and their components. 3. Describe the possible malfunctions of each of these transmission systems. 4. Describe the visible and audible symptoms for malfunctions of each of these systems. 5. Describe what to do when a malfunction occurs. 6. Explain how a typical transmission system operates. 7. Explain how a transmission system most likely to break down. 8. Explain what senses you would use to detect problems in a transmission system.