Mechanical Systems Basics for Operators Course Outline Description: An introductory course for operators to understand mechanical components and systems used in process equipment and cpmveyors, packaging and palletizing equipment used on the floor. This course will introduce and explain the operation of basic mechanical systems found in equipment on the plant floor, including gears, bearings, gear drives, couplings, clutches, belt drives, chain drives and magnetic drives. The basic terminology of each system and the basic theory of operation of each system will be explained. Students will learn how these components and systems will typically breakdown and fail and what to watch for as a system ages. Students will also learn what senses they should use to detect problems of impending failures of these mechanical components and systems. . Objectives: Upon completion of this course the trainee should be able to: 1. Identify each of the types of systems and their components. 2. Explain the function of these systems and their components. 3. Describe the possible malfunctions of each of these components and systems. 4. Describe the visible and audible symptoms for malfunctions of each of these components and systems. 5. Describe what to do when a problem is detected in a mechanical system.