Instructional Design and Delivery in the Work Place: Applying the Apprenticeship Concept – A Proven Solution. By David A. Sanderson

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Content Sections:

Content Overview

Section 0 - Program Orientation and Conclusion

Section 1 - Instructional Design and Delivery in The Work Place -Applying The Apprenticeship Concept - A Proven Solution: The Registered Program.
Section 2 - The Apprenticeship Conceptual Diagram
Section 3- The Value of An Agreement and Learning By Doing
Section 4-  Applying The Concept in Manufacturing Organizations
Section 5-  Applying The Concept in Technology Companies
Section 6-  Applying The Concept in Agricultural Industries
Section 7 - Applying The Concept in Banking and Financial Organizations
Section 8- Applying The Concept in Service and Hospitality Industries
Section 9- Section Exercises