Basic Electricity VIDEOS – OUTLINE

ELE1 Series  -  BASIC ELECTRICITY - ELE1 Series Video Curriculum Outline


The Basic Electricity Video Curriculum represents a series video presentation covering basic electrical

topics commonly associated with the utilization of electrical energy at an introductory level. Basic

concepts involving electricity, how it is applied, how to measure, and troubleshooting are explored topic

areas. All videos are in an MP-4 format and can be used in live and virtual environments.

These videos are designed to elaborate on the Ugly's Electrical References text editions by Jones &

Bartlett. These texts are commonly available through various bookstores and electrical supply houses.

They will also enhance any learning materials covering basic electricity topics. These could also appeal to

a learner’s “just in time” learning experience.

Any videos used in the educational process are not meant to replace textbooks nor the role of

instructors/teachers delivering training on electrical technology. Suggested learning environments

utilizing these learning videos could include:

Typical Classroom Delivery

On-Line Classroom Delivery

Apprenticeship Learning Environments

Self-Taught Electrical Technology Environments


ELE1A010 Electrical Terms – Volts - Rum Time: 16 Minutes

1. Describe electrical Voltage

2. Identify 3 terms associated with

electrical pressure

3. Describe how voltage is measured

ELE1A014 Electrical Terms – Amperage - Run Time: 13 Minutes

1. Describe Electrical Current

2. Identify 2 components making up


3. Describe how Amperage is measured.

ELE1A018 Electrical Terms – Resistance  Run Time: 12  Minutes

1. Describe Electrical Resistance

2. Describe resistance’s effect on Voltage

and Amperage

3. Describe how Resistance is measured

ELE1A020 Electrical Circuits- Run Time-  6 Minutes

1. Name & Describe Electrical Circuit


ELE1A025 Electrical Terms – Watts - Run Time: 7 Minutes

1. Describe Electrical WATTS

2. Relate Electrical WATTS to Load Power

3. Describe Electricity Purchase


ELE1A026 Electrical - OHM’s Law - Run Time 13 Minutes

1. Relate Ohm’s Law to Electrical Circuits

2. Calculate Electrical Terms using Ohm’s


ELE1A030 Electrical Circuits – Simple - Run Time: 11 Minutes

1. Describe Simple electrical circuits

2. Apply OHM’s Law to Simple Circuits

3. Measure for Simple Circuit Electrical


ELE1A035 Electrical Circuits – Series - Run Time: 23 Minutes

1. Describe Series Electrical Circuits

2. Calculate Series Electric Circuit


3. Measure Series Electrical Circuit


ELE1A040 Electrical Circuits – Parallel - Run Time: 15 Minutes

1. Describe Parallel Circuit Designs

2. Calculate Parallel Circuit Properties

3. Differentiate among Simple, Parallel, &

Series Circuits

ELE1A050 Electrical Circuits – Resistors - Run Time: 8 Minutes

1. Explain Resistor Color Codes

2. Determine Resistor Values using

Resistor Color Codes

ELE1A060 Electrical Symbols : Run Time: 9 Minutes

1. Identify Electrical Symbols

2. Relate Symbols to component function

ELE1A070 Electrical Prints – Diagrams: Run Time: 11 Minutes

1. Identify 2 types of electrical diagrams

2. Explain advantages of electrical


3. Create Ladder Diagrams

ELE1A100 Electrical – Multi-Meter Utilization: Run Time: 10 Minutes

1. State the use for multimeters

2. Configure the multimeter to measure

electrical properties

3. Place multimeters in circuits for


ELE1A110 Electrical Troubleshooting 1 - Run Time: 14 Minutes

1. Test current overload protection


2. Utilize voltage drop troubleshooting


3. Utilize electrical ladder diagrams for


ELE1A120 Electrical – Alternating Current: Run Time: 14 Minutes

1. Describe voltage induction

2. Describe Alternating Current & Voltage

3. Describe 1 phase and 3 phase voltage


ELE1A130 Electrical – Direct Current: Run Time:  9 Minutes

1. Identify and Apply Direct Current


2. Describe Electron and Conventional


3. Describe Power Supplies

ELE1A140 Electrical – Transformers: Run Time: 11 Minutes

1. Describe Inductors

2. Describe Primary and Secondary Coils of


3. State how transformers are rated

ELE1A150 Electrical Motors – 3ph: Run Time: 10.9 Minutes

1. Define Induction

2. Identify 3 Phase Motor Components

3. Describe 3 Phase Motor Operation

4. Describe 3 Phase Motor Measurements

ELE1A160 Electrical Motors – 1ph: Run Time:  10 Minutes

1. Describe inductance

2. Name electric motor components

3. Differentiate between Start and Run


4. Reverse Single-Phase Induction Motors

PHY1A000 Physics – Energy/Power/Work: Run Time: 12 Minutes

1. State 2 Laws of Energy

2. Identify 2 forms of energy

3. Identify 3 sources of energy

4. Describe Power

PHY1A010 Physics – Scientific Notation: Run Time: 16 Minutes

1. Describe Scientific Notation

2. Explain why Scientific Notation is used

3. Convert decimal numbers into Scientific


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